Tax preparation

Let us help you.

Legally you are required to file returns, tax returns, GST returns, PAYE returns and more. Most people do not enjoy this process. You can leave this to the tax advisors. We do.

We can do everything your traditional accountant does, plus more. Our tax advisor services include:

  • Tax preparation: Personal and company tax returns
  • Tax payment planning
  • Tax arrangement, tax pool and tax finance
  • GST registration, training and filing GST
  • Goods and services tax - registration is generally mandatory if your revenue is >$60,000
  • FBT registration, calculation and filing - you may need to register for and file Fringe Benefit Tax returns if you have a company vehicle or provide non-cash benefits for your staff such as a gym membership
  • Employer registration including PAYE (Employee Pay-As-You-Earn tax) filing - if you have employees you must be registered for PAYE and file PAYE returns
  • ACC obligations
  • Financial Accounts preparation
  • Management Account Preparation
  • New Business Set up