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Core services

Tax preparation

Let us help you.

Legally you are required to file returns, tax returns, GST returns, PAYE returns and more. Most people do not enjoy this process. You can leave this to the tax advisors. We do.

More on Tax preparation

We can do everything your traditional accountant does, plus more. Our tax advisor services include:

  • Tax preparation: Personal and company tax returns
  • Tax payment planning
  • Tax arrangement, tax pool and taxfinance
  • GST registration, training and filing GST = Goods and services tax.Registration is generally mandatory if your revenue is >$60,000
  • FBT registration, calculation and filingYou may need to register for and file Fringe Benefit Tax returns if you have a company vehicle or provide non-cash benefits for your staff such as a gym membership
  • Employer registration including PAYE (Employee Pay-As-You-Earn tax) filing. If you have employees you must be registered for PAYE and file PAYE returns
  • ACC obligations
  • Financial Accounts Preparation
  • Management Account Preparation
  • New Business Set up

Xero training

Let us train you.

Accounting systems can feel overwhelming and time consuming. A proper set up, training and monitoring can help make this easy and manageable.

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Our Xero services include:

  • Xero setup
  • Xero training
  • Xero review
  • Xero support

We are Xero Certified Partners as well as Xero Payroll and Xero Migration Certified. Mere has been training clients on how to use Xero since 2014. Trust Northland Accountants with your Xero training – you’re in very experienced hands.

Business coaching

Let us support you.

Business coaching and advisory are the added value that an accountant can bring to the table. Do you need help with something, or do you need us to tell you where to start?

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Our key business coaching services include:

  • Financial Awareness Coaching - learn to understand key accounting concepts and your financial reports.
  • Management Reporting and Coaching –identify areas where you can improve your performance, set SMART goals and address burning issues.
  • Momentum Meetings – depending on the size of your business a 15 minute call may be all you need to succeed. We’ll identify areas for improvement and set actions for you to complete to ensure you’re on track to achieve your goals.
  • Business Planning – take the time out from working in the business to focus on the business itself. The plan will set solid and realistic business goals and define strategies for achievement. Together we can clarify where you want your business to be and create stepping stones to ensure you are on course for success.
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) coaching and monitoring – what drives your business? Monitoring the right numbers is the key to measuring performance. Set SMART goals and develop strong strategies.
  • Cashflow forecasting and cashflow coaching – plan for large cash outflows, understand the difference between profit and cash and make better decisions

We offer much more - please use the contact form below to contact us about other services.


Northland Chartered Accountants is a Whangarei based firm catering to businesses in the Northland area.

With our wide range of accounting experience and knowledge we're ready and able to support you with all your business and accountings needs.

Our experience includes (but is not limited to) accounting and advisory work for the following industries:

  • Accommodation and Hospitality
  • Agriculture
  • Construction and Trades
  • Manufacturing
  • Media and Communications
  • Professional Services
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Transportation

With our online software solutions it’s now possible to keep an even closer eye on your finances. As changes happen and your business evolves we can provide timely advice and support.

We are there for you on this journey. Let us guide you.


Mere Teinaki

Mere Teinaki CA

Who we've helped

“It was a big decision to go into Accounting software & it was important to have someone local who could help. Mere offered us Xero and we have never looked back. Thanks Mere for showing us Xero and all the help you have to give us non accounting people in today’s complicated world of finance.”
Ray Palmer - Whangarei Steam and Model Railway club

Ray Palmer

“Mere was fantastic with navigating us through the set up of our new farming business. She took our 'shoebox of receipts' and identified incomes and outgoings that we were not even aware of. She really went the extra mile in helping us claim major tax breaks and benefits we would have otherwise missed. We really appreciated how approachable and knowledgeable she was. Thank you Mere, we really valued your input.”
Jeanette Schimanski - Mt Turiwiri Limited

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What do I need to do if I want Northland Chartered Accountants to be my accountant?

Just call us on 09 392 2263 or email . Once we’ve had a chat with you and discussed your needs we can then send you the necessary paperwork. When these are signed then: If you don’t have an accountant we can start helping you immediately. If you have an existing accountant we’ll contact them to arrange the change over. This usually takes a couple of weeks. Once done, we can start helping you.

Where are Northland Chartered Accountants based?

Northland Chartered Accountants are based out of Whangarei. Our primary goal is to provide quality local services to Northlanders in Whangārei, Dargaville and the surrounding regions.

I’m not in Northland, can Northland Chartered Accountants still be my accountant?

Absolutely. Although we are based in Whangarei we can provide taxation and accounting services to anyone in New Zealand or anyone with New Zealand reporting requirements. For business advisory and support we can assist anyone, anywhere.

I want to go on Xero can you help with this?

Of course. Northland Chartered Accountants is a Xero partner and 100% Xero certified. This means we can set up your Xero subscription and account, and provide both Xero training and ongoing support. This training is available online, but can be done face to face in the Whangarei area. Xero training covers everything you need to get up and running plus a few tips and tricks.

I already have a Xero account – is this going to be a problem?

Not at all. If you or your current accountant have already set up Xero we will use your existing account. We will send you or your previous accountant instructions to provide Northland Chartered Accountants with access to your existing Xero account.

Where is Northland?

Northland covers the 250-(ish) kilometres from the top of the North Island down to the Kaipara Harbour (west coast boarder) and the south-east of Mangawhai (east coast boarder). Basically, everything North of Wellsford* forms part of Northland. Northland Chartered Accountants aims to deliver quality accounting and business services to this region.
*Wellsford – we’re happy to help you too

Are you expensive?

The cost of services depends on a variety of things, including; your entity structure (i.e. if you’re trading as a sole trader, partnership, trust, company), whether your GST registered, if you're using online accounting software, how many transactions you have going through the business & how complex your operations are. Let's set up a complementary meeting. We can discuss your needs and advise you of the costs before you make a decision

How do I know if I need an accountant?

Call us on 09 392 2263 or email us on We can discuss what you’re doing and help you make an informed decision.

What services do you provide?

We do everything your traditional accountant does, plus more. This includes:

  • ACC obligations
  • Business Planning
  • Financial Accounts Preparation
  • GST, PAYE, FBT registration, calculation and filing
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) set up and monitoring
  • Management Reporting and Coaching
  • New Business Set up
  • Tax preparation: Personal and company tax returns
  • Tax payment planning and arrangements
  • Xero setup, Xero training and Xero support

If you have questions email us at

What can you help me with?

Anything within the realm of business, accounting & finances.

  • We can help with tax returns, GST and PAYE.
  • We can prepare both financial accounts and Management accounts.
  • We can help you with your Xero set up and Xero training. We are able to incorporate and maintain company registrations with the company’s office an discuss your taxes and repayment plans with the IRD. If you need additional support we can help with budgeting, business planning, coaching and guidance.
  • For anything else we have a strong business network that we can refer you to. These include insurers, mortgage brokers and financial advisors. Our network generally work alongside small business owners and can explain how they can help you.

I see you advertise “Business Advisory and Coaching”. What does that mean?

Business advisory is helping you develop a plan of what you want, and where you want to go. Coaching involves ongoing monitoring of your results and regular support (either face to face or over the phone) to discuss and analyse your current results alongside your business plan, to decide the next steps forward.

What’s a Chartered Accountant?

A Chartered Accountant (CA) is a business specialist and a highly qualified financial professional. To become a CA you have to meet academic entry requirements (including a degree), then continue your studies with the Chartered Accountants programme and complete relevant technical requirements under the guidance of a registered mentor. Only a Chartered Accountant can put CA after their name, or in their business name. With a CA you are guaranteed quality as CA’s are regulated by Chartered Accountants ANZ. To ensure up to date knowledge, Chartered Accountants must complete and report a minimum of 40 hours (averaged over 3 years) of continuing education and mandatory ongoing ethical training.


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